Empowering Teacher Residencies

Supporting teacher residencies to use data and technology for more effective recruiting, training and support of new teachers—all while measuring success and explaining results to stakeholders.

Supporting a new generation of teachers

Teacher residencies create effective pathways to beginning sustainable careers in education, and these effective new teachers drive positive student outcomes. When residencies understand the data that drives this success, they can accelerate the impacts of their training for the teachers and students they serve. With over a decade of experience in teacher prep, we are here to help you use data to attain your goals for your teachers and the communities you serve.

Data-focused solutions for Teacher Residencies

Teacher Residencies have to balance a complex set of priorities.  They need to provide training and growth opportunities to educators, well equipped teachers to schools, clear communication to districts and parter schools, and most importantly of all, positive student outcomes.  As former educators with experience working in residencies or having received residency training, the United InfoLytics team focuses on the intersection of these educational goals and the power of analytics and data science. From finding the best qualified candidates to systematizing and monitoring coaching and feedback systems, we help teacher residencies recruit, train, and expand their impact with a focus on long-term sustainability.

Resident Recruiting

Recruiting Assistance

We maintain the most comprehensive list of teacher residency programs in America. We excel in connecting excellent candidates with residencies that can fuel their growth.

Recruiting Database

Keep track of every candidate contact and analyze your recruiting progress year over year with an organized, secure, and functional recruiting database.

Recruiting Dashboards and Visualization

Track and improve your recruitment funnel and get more well-matched candidates. Monitor the recruiting process to improve your connections and make recruiting efficient and effective.

Training and Coaching

Coaching App

Empower your coaching with a customizable directory, support log, performance tracker, and messaging platform built around your unique coaching and support systems.

Coaching Dashboard

Understand the ways your coaches are supporting and empowering the work of your resident teachers, and make data-informed decisions to strengthen your coaching network.

Resident Evaluation Tools

Understand your residents’ strengths and weaknesses, identify factors that lead to teacher job satisfaction and retention, and track your teachers' growth over time.

Organizational Support

Comprehensive Data Management

Feel secure in the knowledge that your data is stored securely, and available instantly. We build and consult on data systems that keep your information safe and accessible whenever you need it, forever.

Organizational Dashboards

Good decisions start with better information. We provide custom, live, dashboards to drive insight into every part of your organization, empowering your team to build on your residency’s strengths.

Results Analysis, Visualization, and Communication

We excel in helping residencies publish their results and tell their stories to potential residents, partners, and the world, backed up by visualizations of their results.

Nonprofit organizations benefit when they have access to the same data approach and tools as fortune 500 companies.  That is what we provide through deep analytics and investment in fully understanding your goals for society.  We assist in aligning goals with practice through goal setting, logic models, and data strategy.  We are experienced in collecting data through internal apps, stakeholder surveys and activating that data through dashboards and visualizations.  Make better decisions through the power of data and analytics, and view our approach to supporing non-profits here.

Nonprofit Solutions