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I look forward to hearing about ways you wish your data could work better for you and about your technology needs in order to gather better data, run more smoothly, and organize your data for success. Either fill out the form below to start a conversation via email or scroll down to schedule a meeting. Prefer a quick talk today? Call ‪(901) 214-5068‬.

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If you want to jump straight to a conversation about your current data strategy, goals, and challenges, you can schedule a 30-minute meeting to talk more by clicking below. See it as a chance to talk over your dreams, get some initial impressions and begin to clarify your big-picture data, technology, and operations strategy with an experienced practitioner. Sometimes this 30 minutes is all you’ll need to jumpstart your data goals—other times you may want to schedule a follow-up to talk about ways United InfoLytics can help. My goal is to help as many organizations as possible move in the right direction so I’m looking forward to meeting you to help you think through your goals, recommend tools, platforms and even other consultants when appropriate.