Solutions for Nonprofits

Partnering with you for success in defining goals, measuring your impact, and creating a data-driven improvement culture.

Let's measure the mission together

Nonprofits need more than a compelling story and a vision for a better future: Nonprofits owe it to themselves and their funders to measure what they do in order to improve, innovate, and communicate their social return on investment.

Goal Setting, Logic Models & Data Strategy

Get help defining success from an experience nonprofit data practitioner. Then make a plan and a strategy to measure your progress.

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Built with audience in mind, understand and share your data quickly and clearly. Stay on track for your goals/KPIs & clearly display your impact.


Beautiful, custom, data-driven web maps, and mapping apps: Maps help you understand your work or explain it better than any chart or table.

Technology Integration

Unite your IT and data: Simple cloud IT that integrates with your data strategy. Tying people, apps, and datasources together for success.

Measurement Infrastructure

Do you have a system for who gathers what and for where the data lives? Get better data quality with less effort.

Stakeholder Survey Design

Know what each of your stakeholders thinks with professional survey design and optional survey administration & analysis.

Data-focused consulting for nonprofits

Nonprofits have unique needs: their teams need easier ways to record data and to keep track of their inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes. They also need regular analysis of this data so as to have a data-driven improvement culture, and they need to have information readily available when applying for or reporting on grants, preparing for board meetings, or talking to donors. United InfoLytics specializes in bringing together technology and analytics for nonprofits. From one-off projects to filling fractional roles in organizations, we can work together to make a difference.

A dashboard should do more than just track where you are on a set of performance indicators. It should also come with deep analytics providing leading indicators of success and come with professional analytics so you know correlations and predictors in your datasets. Does your Logic Model align with your organizational dashboard? Does it cover inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes? Get the daily and weekly trackers of your progress toward your goals for society. Make sure analytics are part of your organizational dashboard. Also, see this advice on picking a platform for your dashboards.

Nonprofit DashLytics

Lets Talk:

If you want to start a conversation about your current data strategy, goals, and challenges, you can schedule a 30-minute meeting to talk more by clicking below. See it as a chance to talk over your dreams, get some initial impressions and begin to clarify your big-picture data, technology, and operations strategy with an experienced practitioner. Sometimes this 30 minutes is all you’ll need to jumpstart your data goals—other times you may want to schedule a follow-up to talk about ways United InfoLytics consulting services can help.