Fractional Analytics

Providing nonprofits, schools, and small to midsize businesses access
to analytics tailored to their needs, at a fraction of the price

The right insights, at the right time, without the overhead

Running a small business does not mean that you need to think small! We empower small to mid-size businesses, schools, and nonprofits by building better spreadsheets that organize and capture important data. We build custom applications that work on every device to automate and connect operational processes. Finally, we link captured data to live dashboards that provide up-to-the minute insights into your business or organization’s performance.

Two Tracks of Support

Fractional Analytics Contract

Part-Time Analyst

Need help with a project or a specific data task?  Maybe it is setting up an app, creating a set of dashboards, or hosting a data warehouse.  We work with you to design and execute on your data and information technology projects.

– Completion of defined projects at an hourly rate
– Responses to email within 24 hours
– Frequent meetings to share progress and reach consensus on project direction
– Ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your data systems are running smoothly and efficiently 

Wish you had a data and information systems professional who understood your organization?  With a part-time analyst you have..

  • An expert analyst on your team, just as much as you need them
  • Availability over the phone or video meeting to troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Consistent work on designing and improving your data systems
  • Creation of training resources and leadership of sessions to empower your staff to become data experts themselves

Recent Projects

Laying new ground (Track 1)
When a Michigan based car wash company wanted to know where to build new locations, United InfoLytics trained an AI model to analyze over two dozen factors and plot the best new locations.

Helping a school work smarter, not harder (Track 2)
United Infolytics supports a TN Montessori school by creating advanced internal sheets and applications that help teachers and admin save time in tracking attendance, behavior, and new registrations.

Looking closely at museum programs (Track 1)
United Infolytics updated the evaluation process for a TN based art museum, so that staff could reflect on and improve their programs for preschoolers, elementary aged students, and senior citizens.

Ready to start?

Lets Talk:

If you want to start a conversation about your current data strategy, goals, and challenges, you can schedule a 30-minute meeting to talk more by clicking below. See it as a chance to talk over your dreams, get some initial impressions and begin to clarify your big-picture data, technology, and operations strategy with an experienced practitioner. Sometimes this 30 minutes is all you’ll need to jumpstart your data goals—other times you may want to schedule a follow-up to talk about ways United InfoLytics consulting services can help.