Consulting Services Overview

Partnering with you for success in data visualization, analytics, technology and organizational improvement.


Critical thinking and deep analysis is included in every project or ongoing relationship—large or small. No matter what project we work on together, what systems you want to improve, what data I help you capture and visualize, the constant question I’m asking is, “What does it actually mean?”


Beautiful, custom, data-driven web maps, and mapping apps: Understand your work or explain the world better than any chart or table can do.

Data Visualization & Dashboards

Built with audience in mind, understand and share your data quickly and clearly. Get the latest data anytime & anywhere.

Fractional Data Scientist/Manager

Without hiring another employee, get committed, professional attention to your data strategy, data quality, and data analytics.

Technology Integration

Unite your IT and data: Simple cloud IT that integrates with your data strategy. Tying people, apps, and datasources together for success.

Machine Learning, AI & Predictive Analytics

You can use ML & AI to work smarter and be more effective. Artificial Intelligence can be more than a buzzword—it can change your work and quickly improve outcomes.

Stakeholder Survey Design

Know what your customers, employees, and other stakeholders think with professional survey design and optional survey administration & analysis.

Measurement Strategy

Do you know what you should be measuring? Do you have strategic goals and measure your steps toward them? Facilitated Strategy Sessions Can Help.

Measurement Infrastructure

Do you have a system for who gathers what and for where the data lives? Get better data quality with less effort.

Dataset Analysis

Sometimes you have enough data gathered but need a one-off analysis to glean deeper insights. Get help finding correlations and outcome predictors with clear summaries.

Analytics Philosophy

Data doesn’t always speak for itself: Determining whether a number is noise or actually statistically significant is often important. Simple averages and trend lines are great but can sometimes mislead. No matter the goal or end product, you can be assured that with United InfoLytics you’ll know both what the data says—and doesn’t say.

When beginning a data project, analysis, or dashboard, knowing your end users and audience is essential. I ensure that I know who will be using the data, who will be making decisions from it, and the level of detail (and language) that best fits the end goal.

Today, technology platforms should be simple, very affordable, and easy to integrate with other platforms. While most businesses and nonprofits have moved to the cloud, many still have fractured systems that are not fully interoperable or have not fully consolidated their systems into the least number of platforms. Fewer passwords, more interoperability, and ultimately better data across your systems is essential and affordable—and can change how your employees work and make decisions.

Technology Philosophy

Let's Talk:

If you want to start a conversation about your current data strategy, goals, and challenges, you can schedule a 30-minute meeting to talk more by clicking below. See it as a chance to talk over your dreams, get some initial impressions and begin to clarify your big-picture data, technology, and operations strategy with an experienced practitioner. Sometimes this 30 minutes is all you’ll need to jumpstart your data goals—other times you may want to schedule a follow-up to talk about ways United InfoLytics consulting services can help.