United InfoLytics is about bringing meaningful insights, simple but effective dashboards, and advanced data tools to organizations that have often not fully benefitted from the advances in technology and data science over the last decade. Many organizations dream of having top-notch data infrastructure and data leadership, but know they can’t afford it yet. United InfoLytics is focused, affordable, and experienced consulting services to fill that gap. Whether you need a fractional data scientist as part of your ongoing organizational capacity, need a one-off advanced data analysis, or need help launching an internal database, dashboard, technology platform or data project, United InfoLytics can help.

Why focus on non-profits, education, and small business? Because data is power, and those focused on serving the common good and growing local economies deserve this power. Doing data right matters: it’s one thing to be able to produce a graph or tabulate a set of averages—it’s another thing entirely to know what the data really means, to know the caveats and sources of error, to mine datasets for hidden insights, and to be able to extrapolate and predict with more than a linear trendline. I care deeply about all leaders and workers having access to the tools that those in large enterprises take for granted. Today that means using the best technology and data tools to make businesses work smarter and make great decisions.

Team & Experience

About Peter VanWylen, Founder

I’ve been working in education, healthcare, and non-profits my whole career. I love small organizations and small teams, and I love empowering them with information, insights and technology that help plot the path forward for their organizations and projects. I love operational challenges, goal setting, and seeing goals realized through access to the right tools and the right analysis. Whether it’s operational improvements, recruiting, marketing, technology or data-driven strategy discussions, the “win” is when it’s easy to make decisions and plan next steps because the data is clear and timely, and the tech tools make hitting the goals easier!

I’m also pretty focused on empowerment and equity. Too often in America, a person’s educational and economic prospects are significantly affected by the zip code he or she grows up in. I care deeply about neighborhood quality, educational equity, and solutions to poverty that break generational cycles of unequal opportunity.

About Nate Mulder, Data Analyst

I am a history teacher turned data nerd! I love to unpack complex stories and solve complex, multilayered problems. My experience as an educator informs my people-centric approach to data analysis, and I strive to tell comprehensible, meaningful stories that help leaders and teams make confident decisions. I am passionate about serving organizations that disrupt the settled systems of inequality found in every city. I love to partner with schools, health-centers, and other organizations that work to help members of all communities to lead choice-filled lives.

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